Arabic Podcasts – Detailed Arabic Pod 101 Review

The aim of is to provide you with a wide range of Arabic podcasts to make it easy for you to learn Arabic. We have an unusual approach to other sites in that we simply try to give you as much information as possible, to enable you to find great resources for improving your listening and speaking skills in Arabic. Some of the links we provide also have options for learning Arabic vocabulary and practise writing Arabic text, to help you on your way to great Arabic! Learning Arabic can be difficult but luckily, there’s a huge range of different resources online to make things easier for you.

Kinds of Arabic podcasts:

Arabic learning podcasts– these podcasts are targeted for people learning Arabic and are graded into different levels of language ability. These podcasts often include additional interactive or downloadable options. From audio transcripts to vocabulary, these podcasts have been carefully created by language learning professionals. Arabic learning podcasts also include English instructions to help the listener understand what they have just heard, making them ideal for complete beginners. Below we review Arabic Pod 101, probably the biggest learn Arabic podcast.

Native speaker Arabic podcasts– these podcasts are aimed at Arabic-speaking people and are not graded into different language abilities. These are a great resource for Arabic learners with advanced speaking levels looking for more challenging material. For beginner and lower-level Arabic learners, these native Arabic podcasts are likely unsuitable. It’s recommended to be at least an intermediate or advanced learner to fully benefit from these native speaker Arabic podcasts.

An in-depth Arabic Pod 101 review:

Promotional Feature – This review was produced independently of Arabic Pod 101 but does contain affiliate links.

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